Biden actually met with Putin to avoid the Ukraine crisis with “high-risk diplomatic efforts”

Putin and Biden. Peter Klaunzer-Pool/Keystone from Getty Images

According to reports, President Biden actually met with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday morning to conduct a “high-risk diplomatic effort” to ease the crisis between Ukraine and Russia and ease concerns about the Kremlin-led invasion of Kiev. . New York Times.

Biden stated that the meeting started at around 10 am and aimed to “reaffirm US support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.” eraHowever, the President did not have any desire to send troops on behalf of Ukraine. On the other hand, Putin believed that Ukraine’s relations with the United States and Western European powers “posed a threat to Russia”, and only he believed that “Ukraine’s true sovereignty is possible.” Washington post.

Biden’s mission is to prevent “a European land war that may evolve into a full-scale transatlantic crisis”, according to postal, This is just one of several crises that threatened the president before the government took office Democracy Summit December 9-10.In addition to preventing Russia from invading Ukraine, Biden must also consider “China’s continued pressure on Taiwan and the possible breakdown of Iran’s nuclear negotiations”, wrote Wall Street Journal; Each problem “is likely to shake the world order and generate wider conflicts.”

In any case, the Russian call will be a major test for the so-called foreign policy president, who pointed out that after his withdrawal from the chaos of Afghanistan in August, his position with the American public was shaky. Daily BeastBiden’s plan is to use economic sanctions and other measures to stop Putin’s invasion, but even so, it will be “a nail on the head.”

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