Betty White’s best “Golden Girl” lines and moments

White was supposed to play Blanche Devereaux, a passionate widow in a comedy series about four elderly women living in Miami. It lasted from 1985 to 1992.

However, the director of the show, Jay Sandrich (Jay Sandrich), worked with White on the “Mary Taylor Moore Show” And think that Blanche’s role is too close to White’s role in it, Suani Vince.

So Rue McClanahan was chosen as Blanche, and White became the sweet and sleepy Rose, one of the most popular people in the “Golden Girl”.

Here are some of Rose’s best moments and lines on the show.

Ross Killer

In an episode called “In Rose’s Bed”, Rose slept with a man named Al Beatty, and he died in her bed.

Her husband Charlie Nylund (Charlie Nylund) died during their sexual intercourse before, so Rose began to believe that she was fatal to men.

She later told her roommates Blanche (McLanahan) and Dorothy Zbonack (played by Beyase) that she slept with another man named Arnie and he was also dead.

“And the sheriff, I told him how I killed people, he didn’t believe me,” said a distraught Rose. “He said,’Let’s see. Sleep with me.’ I did. The sheriff is dead.”

Fortunately, Rose was joking, which surprised her friends.

First impression

When Blanche dared to ask Rose’s first impression of her, she got an honest answer.

“I thought you were a slut with too much makeup,” Rose said.

Cue Blanche doesn’t look very happy.

“I was wrong,” Rose assured her. “You didn’t wear much makeup.”

Wild woman

When Blanche told her, Rose eagerly agreed, “I have a feeling that you are a wild woman.”

“Oh, you bet I am,” Rose said. “I eat raw cookie dough. Occasionally, I walk through the sprinkler without a shower cap. As we all know, I put more than one eggnog on Christmas.”


“My mother used to say,’The older you get, the better you are. Unless you are a banana person.'”

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