Betty White’s agent about how much fans love her: “She knows”

Her agent and old friend Jeff Witjas (Jeff Witjas) Tell people White Magazine, He died on New Year’s Eve at the age of 99, Know how much she loves her.

“She knows, but I will tell her often,” he said, “Even when she is not working, I will say,’Betty, there are still millions of people looking for you outside. You will receive your fans. Letter, I am providing you with a quotation.”

Witjas said he was not sure whether White had “embrace it” or “really felt” the level of love.

“I always emphasize this to her because I always think she should know this,” he said. “When she sits at home, I never want her to think the world is over. It never has.”

“Betty lives a good life, she lives a life of her choice. She is happy,” Vijas continued. “Every time I tell her,’Betty, you are loved’, she will look at me with a wry smile and say,’Really?’ I hope she knows. I think she knows. This is beyond love.”

This is obvious considering the grief after her death.

Friends and fans are mourning the death of the last “Golden Girl” star, who is scheduled to celebrate her 100th birthday on January 17.

The legendary actor Robert Redford is called White’s “crush admirer”, and his feelings are mutual. He told people.

“She made all of us laugh, including me,” the 85-year-old Radford said in a statement. “Betty has devoted her life to her craftsmanship and her love of animals. She makes us all laugh, including me. I am obsessed with her too!”

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