Ben Affleck responds to Snoop Dogg’s Golden Globe nomination error

The actor appeared on the “Kelly Clarkson Show” on Monday and disclosed that the rapper accidentally misinterpreted his name when he announced the Golden Globe nomination last month.

“Yes, he did focus a little bit,” Affleck told Clarkson.

Snoop was taken aback when he read the nomination for best supporting actor in a movie and pronounced Affleck’s name as “Been Aff-fleck”. Snoopy quickly apologized to the Oscar winner.

“My fault,” Snoopy said. “Sorry, Ben.”

Affleck was nominated for his role in “The Tender Bar,” and he said he has long dealt with the reality of sometimes tricky surnames.

“It’s funny because I’ve been growing up, and I thought,’Affleck? What an ugly name.’ It sounds like a duck advertisement now,” he said, referring to the Aflac insurance company’s advertisement.

Affleck added that as a child, he never understood why his parents were so careful when spelling their names over the phone and always clarified that their names contained the letters “F as in Frank.”

“I always thought,’Why do they always do that?’ When I started to check the emails we received, I realized, “Mr. and Mrs. ASSLICK,” Affleck said, causing Clarkson’s audience to laugh. Voice.

It is safe to say that there is no blood relationship between Affleck and Mr. SN-double-OPDO-double-giz-ee.

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