Before Putin’s talks with Biden, Russia has some options for the United States

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When U.S. President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin prepared for the video summit on Tuesday, Russian official media I am broadcasting my predictions on meeting goals and meeting results.

The latest tirades in the Russian media have made one point very clearly: the times are gone forever Putin’s Russia Seek equal treatment with the West. Nowadays, The Kremlin strives to stipulate its terms Go to the world’s leading superpower and use military extortion to illustrate the problem.

The United States recently revealed its intelligence assessment that Russia May plan to invade Ukraine As early as early 2022. This data has been shared with the EU and NATO allies to keep them updated on the ongoing military programs in Moscow.On Sunday’s national TV show Nedley, The notorious propagandist Dmitry Kiselyov mocked Biden’s statement about not recognizing Russia’s “red line” on Ukraine, and Expected During the summit, Putin will make Biden “return to reality.”

Ukraine: The U.S. turns a deaf ear to the threat of Russia’s invasion

Kiselev claimed that through signature In the US-Russian Presidential Strategic Stability Joint Statement issued in June this year, Biden essentially admitted that he “does not want the United States to be reduced to radioactive ashes.” Part of the statement read: “Today, we reaffirm the principle that a nuclear war cannot be won and must not be fought.”

“This is: Putin’s red line for Biden,” Kiselev exclaimed. He claimed that Biden’s cooperation revealed “American fears” and the United States’ recognition of Russia’s nuclear “ace”.

On national television Sunday night with Vladimir Soloviev This weekend, the host and his team members did their best to lower expectations for the meeting.

“This will be a difficult and tense summit,” Soloviev Expected. Andrey Sidorov, deputy dean of world politics at Moscow State University, agreed. “them [Biden and Putin] There will be no agreement,” Sidorov said. “All of this is leading to the disintegration of Europe… [U.S.] They will not be able to expand their military power to the level of the Cold War because they must contain China. He added: “Ukraine will be the main topic on December 7th and the main source of controversy, because we cannot agree on anything. “

Sidorov continued to argue that the summit will not bring any benefits because the United States and Russia do not recognize each other’s red lines. Soloviev went on to say: “So, what about the war?” Sidorov replied: “We have already started. It is in progress.” He continued: “We should take back the entire Ukraine in 2014. If there were no Ukraine , There will be no problems.”

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov (Dmitry Peskov) expressed his pessimism on the eve of the summit.Monday, he Tell The reporter thinks it’s important not to expect any breakthroughs and warn The public is opposed to the development of any “emotional” expectations.Peskov Add to Putin does not intend to provide any public statements at the end of the exchange with the President of the United States.

The belligerent and hostile attitude permeated the heated discussion of the meeting in the official media. Andrei Kartapolov, Chairman of the National Duma Defense Committee, laugh at Biden dismissed Putin’s red lines: “Let him try to cross them…The Russian armed forces are still in a state of military readiness and are ready to execute any orders from our commander-in-chief. To us, there is no difference in how much they have. [U.S.] The consultant is there. He compared the situation in Ukraine with the 2008 Russia-Georgian war and warned: “Don’t play with fire. Don’t mess with us. “

Appeared on national TV shows 60 minutes on Monday, Igor Korotchenko, a member of the Public Committee of the Russian Ministry of Defense and editor-in-chief of “Defense” magazine, spoke nervously about the possibility that the new US sanctions against Russia might include disconnecting Russia from the SWIFT international payment system.Korotchenko threat: “Russia is disconnected from SWIFT. If this happens, I think it should be seen as a declaration of war against us-and act accordingly. À la guerre comme à la guerre.”

The Russian public is preparing for another Putin war

Notorious nationalist politician and leader of the Russian State Duma Liberal Democratic Party Vladimir Zhirinovsky was invited to attend last Thursday’s broadcast of 60 minutesZhirinovsky is known for his deliberately provocative remarks, and he once again issued heinous abuse. “The air is full of war,” he asserted, warning the West: “Stop yelling in the direction of Russia.” Zhirinovsky predicted: “We will welcome the new year 2022 with a smile. , And NATO, Ukraine and other countries will tremble in the war. If the Ukrainians launch it, we will destroy them.”

The host Olga Skabeeva stated that she hoped that the escalating tensions would not lead to a nuclear war in the end, but quickly reiterated Putin’s earlier statement that if this happens, Russia One “will go to heaven as a martyr” while the other party will only die. Zhirinovsky retorted: “This is exactly what is going to happen.” Skabeeva grimace and replied, “I hope not. I want to live longer.”

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