Barbados becomes a Republic and honors Rihanna as a hero

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The President of Barbados, Sandra Mason, accepted the new colors at a ceremony in Bridgetown on Tuesday to declare the country a republic.

Barbados declared itself the newest republic in the world on Tuesday, officially severing relations with Queen Elizabeth II and the British royal family.

in a Midnight ceremony In its capital, Bridgetown, the Caribbean island nation appointed Mrs. Sandra Mason as the new president and head of state. Mason previously served as governor, Elizabeth’s official representative in the country.

“Vessel Republic Barbados kicked off her maiden voyage,” Mason Said After being sworn in. “May she withstand all storms and let our country and citizens land safely on the horizon and the coast before us.”

This is the moment when Barbados transitions to the Republic, replacing Queen Elizabeth II with its own head of state. Prince Charles also attended the ceremony in Bridgetown

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Barbados announced its plan to become a republic last year, ending the British presence in the country for nearly 400 years.

It has been an independent country since 1966, but the Queen has always served as the official head of state, just as she did in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and Jamaica.

Her eldest son, Prince Charles, attended the ceremony and watched the royal flag of the British monarch be lowered and replaced.

“Your story is that everyone in Barbados, young and old, can be proud of-inspired by what is happening right now, and full of confidence in the future. “You are the guardians of inheritance and the firm craftsmen of destiny. ! “

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Charles was awarded the Barbados Medal of Freedom and told the new country that his mother wished them all the best.

He also openly opposed the British colonial history of slavery in the country, which was one of the first slave colonies in England.

“From the darkest days of our past, and the shocking slavery atrocities that have tarnished our history forever, the people of this island have opened their way with extraordinary perseverance,” Charles said His speech.

“Tonight you write the next chapter of your country’s story,” the prince said.

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Rihanna at the republic ceremony on Tuesday morning

After she swore allegiance to the new president, Prime Minister Mia Motley made sure that one of the first official actions of the new republic was to commemorate one of their most famous local daughters: singer Rihanna.

Music superstar, who is Appointed as ambassador in 2018 And participated in the ceremony on Tuesday and was declared a national hero because “through the pursuit of excellence, with her creativity, her discipline, and most importantly, her extraordinary commitment to the land where she was born, she commanded the imagination of the world force. “

“May you continue to shine like a diamond,” the Prime Minister said.

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