Bang & Olufsen’s Beoplay EQ is its first true wireless earbuds equipped with ANC

Bang & Olufsen is no stranger to true wireless gaming. The company currently has many wireless models, but for many years there has been an obvious omission: Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). Today, B&O has solved this problem with its new Beoplay EQ earplugs. Expensive audio accessories can not only reduce environmental noise, but earplugs also have stable battery life, wireless charging and other functions. The only potential deal breaker is the price: 399 USD (349 GBP/399 EUR).

Similar to the flagship earplugs of companies such as Sony, Bang & Olufsen’s “Adaptive Active Noise Reduction” setting on Beoplay EQ is driven by a dedicated ANC chip. This means that the Bluetooth chip does not have a dual task. Combined with a set of four microphones, this component can continuously monitor your surroundings and automatically adjust the ANC level as needed. This is the “adaptive” bit. The two additional microphones are equipped with “re-adjusted noise reduction technology”, which B&O claims can achieve “crystal clear” calls. When it comes to true wireless earbuds, the mileage of claims about voice quality varies greatly, so this description absolutely requires proper testing. In terms of sound, the company’s app provides a feature called Beosonic that allows you to fine-tune when you see it.

Bang & Olufsen

In terms of battery life, Bang & Olufsen said that the earbuds themselves can be used for 6.5 hours, with an additional charge of two. The protective case supports wireless charging, adopts real B&O fashion, and is made of aluminum. The company includes a fast charging function that can give you two hours of listening time in 20 minutes. To help you find the most suitable one, there are four sizes of silicone tips and a pair of Comply foam tips in the box. Finally, Beoplay EQ is IP54 certified, so they should be able to withstand dust and water splashes well. This is enough for the earplugs to work properly during your sweaty workout.

Beoplay EQ will be available in black and gold in most parts of the world on August 19th. Earplugs actually started selling in China and Japan today, but only in black. Gold will be listed in these countries/regions next month.

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