Bandai’s new Digimon watch boosts children’s health

Bandai Namco's Vital Hero wearable is available in black, red and blue.

Convincing kids to hand over their tablets and game controllers to play outside isn’t easy, but Bandai Namco’s Vital Hero Watch It might actually be possible to make fitness more attractive through gamification. Instead of chasing high scores, it’s about tying Digimon to kids’ wrists, and it only gets better the more active they fight.

While the iconic Tamagotchi is about raising and caring for virtual pets through diligent feeding, cleaning, and playtime, Bandai’s Digimon takes the approach popularized by Pokémon, where the responsibility for caring for digital monsters falls on me.s Rewards increased power and occasional evolution, making them more capable in battle.

The Vital Hero wearable showcases its full-color display.

The Vital Hero is basically one of the portable Digimon virtual pet toys combined with a wearable fitness tracker.Monochromatic pixelated LCD screens of the past have been replaced by full-color versionsLED displays, and while the device still has buttons, the only way to improve the digital monster’s stats is through daily tasks that ask kids to do a variety of activities like walking, sprinting, squats, or even a round of tai chi, all of which can be The wearable’s built-in motion and heart rate sensors are used for tracking.

The more active the kids are, the faster their digital monster stats will improve, increasing their chances of winning in random battles with other monsters. If they lose, they have to face the same monster again and again until victory keeps them going, further motivating them to stay active.

Kids can also battle friends with Vital Hero using the included “Dim Card,” which physically plugs into the wearable like a USB flash drive and transfers their monsters to a friend’s device. But battles can also be intentionally triggered at any time by touching the wearable with any NFC-equipped device, such as a smartphone or payment terminal: an approach that sounds similar to the early 90s Barcode Battler games that had kids randomly scanning for power up and A barcode with unlockable characters.

Vital Hero, the new gamified interactive wearable bracelet, is a must-have for kids!

Important Hero is not the first attempt Gamified Fitness Tracker Try to get the kids more active. But evolving an animated digital monster that can fight other monsters directly on the wrist certainly sounds more appealing than chasing new high scores or unlocking rewards and trophies in a connected app. The Vital Hero is available on Amazon starting today with a blue or black strap for $65, while the version with a red strap is currently exclusive to Walmart.

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