AZIO’s colorful IZO series looks great (and nothing more)

Nowadays, technology is everywhere in our lives, and some people prefer it to match their personal style and decoration. But sometimes practicality is left behind, causing the product to look good but not effective. For example, at Engadget, we tested some beautiful keyboards that did not provide the best typing experience. But despite our doubts, these “stylish” keyboards are still popular with social media influencers. AZIO’s new IZO seriesThis summer, trying to be both fashionable and practical, it succeeded-to a certain extent.

The series contains three main components, all of which are wireless: 140 USD Mechanical keyboard; a $70 numeric keyboard, which can also be used as a standalone calculator; and a 50 U.S. dollars mouse. There is also a matching wrist rest and table mat. These items are sold separately, you can choose white, blue or pink. I chose to receive my review unit as “Baroque Rose” because it is indeed a beautiful pink color that contrasts sharply with the bubble gum tone favored by companies such as Razer.

Chris Nordus/Engadget

No matter which color you choose, each accessory is decorated with gold decorative keyboard, media dial, escape key and space bar are all gold-plated and shiny. They stand out from the matte plastic used in the rest of the deck, and they are not as effective. I also suspect that after a few months of use, the coating will wear out and will not be very beautiful.

The buttons are rounded and light in texture, so at least they feel good in the hand. Typing… is not terrible. It’s actually very good, with good tactile bounce and a soft click every time you press it. But despite the blue mechanical switch, it still feels a bit spongy compared to other decks in my office. I’m using IZO to type personally, which is great, but if I have a choice, I will immediately switch back to my standard. IZO feels like a toy, which is disturbing when I work here. This is a keyless deck, very suitable for small spaces and carry around, but I will not put it in the bag because I am afraid of scratching it.

Pink AZIO IZO keyboard

Chris Nordus/Engadget

If you need a numeric keypad, you need to pay extra. $70 is a bit expensive for those 18 extra keys, and the fact that it can also be used as a calculator does not reduce the cost. However, I will say: I like this thing. Not because I use the numeric keypad for calculations (although I do), but because it is fun to play. I have not connected or even opened it now, I just like to pick it up with my hands and press the button to play. I may find the typing experience a bit poor, but as an irritable toy, the small keyboard is great because it’s big and clicky, and it’s perfect for keeping my hands busy during boring Zoom calls.

The last piece of the set is the wireless mouse, which is the most beautiful of the three desktop accessories. It is a rounded rectangle with a golden wheel and stripes in the middle of the mouse, and frosted white plastic with the AZIO logo underneath. This kind of mouse can swagger at Milan Fashion Week or on the beaches of Ibiza. Unfortunately, it is very bad as a computing accessory.

Pink AZIO IZO mouse

Chris Nordus/Engadget

This is an immediate closing feel. Most mice bend in and down at the end facing the user to better fit your palm, while the AZIO mouse is straight down all the way, and the back of the mouse is the same height as the middle. It is actually one of the smallest mice I have tested, but it feels big in my hands. This is a big no-no, because it is a fashionable peripheral, presumably to attract women, whose gloves are usually smaller than men.

Design failure does not stop there. The DPI button is located at the bottom of the mouse. It is a small piece that is difficult to hit, so once you choose a setting, you may want to stick to it. The cushion at the bottom is too frictional to slide over my table easily. I should probably use a mouse pad on this thing, but I haven’t needed it for nearly ten years, and I don’t understand why I should go back now.

Pink AZIO IZO keyboard

Chris Nordus/Engadget

I don’t recommend a mouse, and the cost of the numeric keyboard is too high, I can’t tell you to buy it-even at the current discounted price of $40. The keyboard is also sold for $80, which is a bit tempting.However, if the color is the main reason you buy it, please note that Logitech’s K380 has a charming pale pink color and can connect up to three devices wirelessly, and only 40 USD. You can also select the matching mouse, including stars MX everywhere 3The IZO series is for those who absolutely need fashion Mechanical Keyboard-even so, you’d better buy one White deck Come from a company like Corsair and customize the LED to your favorite lampshade.

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