Axie Infinity virtual land slot sold out at 550 ETH

In a tweet posted by Axie Infinity late Thursday, a lucrative piece of monster fighting fantasy Irreplaceable tokensOr NFT, the game is priced at 550 Ethereum (US$2.3 million). Axies are creatures that users command to fight other players, fight enemies, and complete daily tasks. They are also NFTs that can be cultivated (casted), bought and sold freely.

The game takes place in the world of Lunacia where Axies live. It is a 301×301 grid, where each part represents a piece of land called Terra, and players can also buy, sell or rent to other players at will. The land sold yesterday was classified as Genesis, which is the rarest form of virtual real estate in the Axie Infinity ecosystem.

Monsters, known as Chimera, spawn in the game and threaten Lunaria. By defeating Chimera, players can obtain love potions (SLP), which can then be sold on cryptocurrency exchanges in exchange for cash. The defeated Chimera will also drop other types of resources, which can be used to upgrade its axes and land, thereby increasing the profit potential of SLP. Genesis Land is strategically located in the center of Lunacia, where rare Chimera assault leaders generate and drop special items. In addition, only 220 of the 90,601 land slots have the Genesis classification.

Critics of the game say that virtual real estate has nothing physically tangible and wonder why they have any value. But for some people, playing Axie Infinity is a full-time job worth the upfront investment. Especially in developing countries, The SLP earned every day in the game can often exceed National minimum wage.