Avalanche launches an upgraded version of the bridge, ready for mainstream applications

According to media reports, Avalanche (AVAX) is replacing its months-old Avalanche-Ethereum Bridge or AEB with the aptly named Avalanche Bridge or AB. postal From the company. It is said that this newer bridge is five times cheaper than the previous bridge and will be the future “growth engine” of the project.

The post stated that AB is now available to developers and users, and all assets prior to AEB should be carried forward. This upgrade is carried out at the same time as the web wallet and browser upgrade, and aims to bring “next-generation improvements” to all aspects of it.

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Taking into account the existing 59% Decentralized applications or DApps running on Ethereum, Upgrades like this may be necessary for future interoperability. At the time of writing, converting assets from one type to another is expensive and time-consuming. Although the 2.0 upgrade of Ethereum aims to solve such problems, this transition may take several years.

It is the “administrators” of the ecosystem who help ensure that AB startup runs as smoothly as possible-users who run the latest version of the audited bridge, similar to nodes in a traditional network. At launch, Wardens will include Avascan, Halborn, Ava Labs and BwareLabs.

Ava Labs, the team behind Avalanche Bridge, asked developers to start preparing their DApps for the new standard. Emin Gün Sirer, CEO of Ava Labs, said of this:

“The new Avalanche Bridge is a leap in bridging technology, but most importantly, it has greatly improved the experience of users and developers in the Avalanche community. It will become a growth engine for Avalanche’s next phase of growth, and is a safe and efficient Cross-chain interoperability sets new standards.”

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Although AB is one of many potential Ethereum bridges hoping to improve the network, this early technology can sometimes confuse new cryptocurrency traders. Sirer himself is aware of these restrictions, even though he “Quite optimistic” about the future of blockchainEven so, DApps such as the yield agricultural platform DeFi Yield Protocol Hope to run on Avalanche in the near future.