Australian reporter apologizes for Adele’s fiasco

Matt Doran, who co-hosted “Weekend Sunrise” on Channel 7 of the country, went to London with the film crew to conduct an exclusive interview with the British singer and composer.

The interview took place earlier this month, but it will not be aired now because it was reported that after Dolan told the singer that he had not listened to her new album, Adele’s record company Sony Music refused to play the video. .

Sony Music did not respond to CNN’s request for comment.

Two weeks ago, Dolan Sent a photo of myself and my colleagues Equipped with shooting equipment on Instagram, with the Thames and the Tower of London in the background. He wrote: “Go back with the boys! This one will be special…@7newsspotlight #london”

However, the interview did not go as planned, because Dolan had not heard the singer’s new album “30” before they met, which was her first album in six years.

In a statement to CNN, Dolan said he missed an email from Sony that contained a pre-copy of the album released on Friday.

He said: “When I sat down to interview Adele, I honestly didn’t realize that I had received her unreleased album preview email. Later I found out that it was sent as an’e-card’ link after we arrived in London. To me. The day before the interview. During my lengthy phone discussion with a Sony representative, I was never told that a preview copy was being provided.

“This is a major omission of mine, but it is not a deliberate negligence. This is the most important email I missed. I am ashamed and apologize clearly.”

Dolan refuted media reports that Adele “quit” the interview and said that they were still making a long story short, but he admitted that the interview would not be broadcast.

He said: “I am in awe of Adele’s music and the majesty of her voice. I offended her and it made me very painful. Of course, if I knew there was a copy, I would listen to this album being released. Deliberately not disturbing is unforgivable arrogance.

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“But to say that this interview is disrespectful-or Adele is gone-is not correct. In fact, it went well in overtime and we have a good relationship. Adele is very interesting and very good. Attractive, generous, honest and profound, I was shocked that her fans were rejected for interviews.

“For the record,” he added, “I never said:’I haven’t heard your album’. I said,’I was just fortunate to hear “Relax” and it sounds like you already.’ Something extraordinary’.”

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