Australia joins the US diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics | Winter Olympics News

Prime Minister Scott Morrison claimed that China was reluctant to talk to government officials and claimed that its decisions violated rights.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on Wednesday that Australia will not send officials to participate in the Beijing Winter Olympics, join the US diplomatic boycott of the event, and may further deteriorate relations with China.

The United States announced its Boycott On Monday, China angered China on the grounds of its human rights “violence” and warned that it would adopt “resolute countermeasures” in response.

Despite the threats, Morrison said Canberra will join the diplomatic boycott.

“Therefore, Australian government officials (will) will not go to China to participate in those Olympics. However, Australian athletes will,” Morrison told reporters in Sydney.

Formal boycott is more risky Strain Australia’s relations with ChinaIts largest trading partner deteriorated after the introduction of foreign interference laws in Canberra, banning Huawei technology from entering its 5G broadband network, and calling for an independent investigation of the origin of COVID-19.Recently decided to acquire Nuclear powered submarine Increased tensions under the AUKUS agreement.

Morrison also cited alleged violations of human rights Xinjiang The reluctance of the region and Beijing to meet with Australian officials for talks is the key to making the boycott decision.

“We have not encountered any obstacles here, but the Chinese government has never accepted our opportunity to meet on these issues,” he said.

Beijing has imposed punitive tariffs on several Australian goods and products including coal, beef, barley and wine.

Morrison said that any further trade disruptions are “completely unacceptable.”

The Winter Olympics will start in February next year.

A spokesman for British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Tuesday that his government has not yet decided whether there will be representatives to participate in the Olympics.

The right-wing “Daily Telegraph” reported on Wednesday that officials are considering restricting government attendance, which will not lead to a full-scale diplomatic boycott.

The Australian Olympic Committee stated that the diplomatic boycott will not affect the 40 Australian athletes expected to participate in the competition.

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