AT&T and Verizon agree to postpone 5G deployment due to aviation issues

AT&T and Verizon agreed to further postpone the launch of 5G wireless services in the United States after additional negotiations with regulators on the potential network interference with aviation safety. This is a shift that occurred one day after the telecom group vowed to continue.

Both companies said they postponed the ultra-high-speed wireless network that was originally scheduled to debut on Wednesday for another two weeks to comply with the requirements submitted by the Department of Transportation and the Federal Aviation Administration on December 31.

This move is an amazing reversal of the two telecommunications companies, whose CEOs on Sunday Commitment in the joint letter Regulators continue to roll out 5G as planned and modify services around the airport within six months.

Verizon spokesperson Rich Young said that the two-week delay “committed to bring the country the certainty of our game-changing 5G network in January.”

AT&T said it also agreed to postpone for two weeks, but added that it “still[s] Committed to the six-month mitigation measures in the protected area outlined in our letter.”

In a statement, the FAA thanked the Telecom Group for agreeing to the additional time interval, and stated that “we look forward to using the additional time and space to reduce the flight disruptions associated with 5G deployment.”

The problem between telecommunications and regulatory agencies is the potential interference of high-speed wireless services on sensitive aircraft equipment used for flight take-off and landing.

The two parties agreed to postpone the 5G service from the initial launch date of December 5, 2021 by one month for further security reviews and exchange counter-proposals in the next few weeks.

A person familiar with the matter said that in addition to the two-week release delay, AT&T and Verizon will also implement their planned 5G service transformation around the airport in the first half of 2022.

According to a letter sent by the CEO on Sunday, the terms of service modification include blocking the use of 5G spectrum around airport runways and reducing connections within about 1 mile of take-off and landing. These are similar to the service restrictions in France, where there is a 5G network.

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