Atari Chain announced that it will start using Fantom and its token (ATRI) will grow by 72%

Atari Chain’s token, ATRI, recorded a 72% surge within a few hours after the announcement of the start of the Fantom blockchain. Atari Chain is a blockchain subsidiary created by game pioneers Atari and ICICB Group

Atari is known for being one of the earliest and largest video game developers in the world. With the release of the Atari 2600 video computer system, they became household names in 1972. Games such as Pong, Space Invaders, Frogger, and Breakout have consolidated their position in gaming history.

A department of Atari called Atari Chain entered the blockchain world in 2020 by releasing its own cryptocurrency Atari Token (ATRI). It aims to be a payment method within interactive entertainment institutions, exists on the Ethereum blockchain, and is compatible with the ERC-20 compatibility standard of encrypted currencies.

On September 1, 2021, Atari Token (ATRI) was paired with the decentralized financial platform Fantom (FTM). The Fantom (FTM) blockchain is an inexpensive platform that can handle transmissions almost instantly. The token experienced a huge price surge of more than 72% at its height and reached an all-time high of $0.084 on SpiritSwap.

Respected DeFi developer Andre Cronje, outspoken supporter of Fantom (FTM) platform Tweeted about Atari token (ATRI) September 1.

Fantom (FTM) solves most of the problems posed by the Ethereum blockchain, namely by approving the transfer of funds instantly and greatly reducing the cost of transaction fees. You can now exchange a single ATRI token and avoid large transaction costs.

Prior to this, Atari tokens (ATRI) were traded on the expensive Uniswap and trading platforms. For many consumers, the threshold for purchasing tokens is too high. It should be noted that Atari tokens are still available on the original platform, and only about 20% of the tokens have been transferred to Fantom.

You can currently trade tokens on most major dexes supported by Fantom, such as Soul swap, Zoo coin, And the popular ETH dex Uniswap.

This has stimulated the interest of investors and buyers, and has led to a substantial increase in the value of the tokens. It hovered around $0.049 from the morning of August 31. By the end of the second day, on September 1, the price had soared by more than 72%, and the final price was $0.082.

According to, at the time of writing on September 2nd, the price was stable at $0.078

At the time of writing, the market capitalization of Atari Token is relatively low at only $65 million. It has a circulation of approximately 890,000 pieces, and can use up to 7.7 billion pieces. There is no doubt that ATRI still has many advantages.

Following in the footsteps of its history of low price points in the world of video game consoles, the company is working to make the Atari token (ATRI) easy to use and affordable for everyone. Their purpose is to allow players to bet on each other’s tokens in a winner-takes-all skill-based game.

Atari VCS is the company’s latest game project. It is a completely modern game and computer system that combines game consoles and personal computers. This stylish device can be used as a node for verifying blockchain transactions.

It can be easily assumed that Atari will use the VCS platform to start exchanging Atari tokens (ATRI) between players. Atari plans to launch online multiplayer games, casinos and even gambling platforms using its tokens.

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