As U.S. aviation and telecom giants quarrel over 5G, Europe moves forward

Europeans are scratching their heads, because aviation heavyweights have combined them with U.S. Cellular 5G may interfere with important flight safety systems.

American Telecom has postponed its new service launch on December 5 for one month. Federal Aviation Administration A last-minute warning was issued that emissions from cellular towers near the airport may interfere with the aircraft’s automatic landing system and altimeter, which displays the aircraft’s altitude.

Aircraft manufacturers said they still need more time to solve this problem, and said that early deployment of the technology could lead to airline disasters.

The top trading group in the aviation industry, American Airlines, Submitted an urgent request on Thursday Federal Communications Commission Delayed launch.

but Stephen ringA telecommunications consultant in Copenhagen has participated in the 5G deployment of the European Commission. He said that although the deployment of the European Union is in progress, the upgrade of cellular services does not pose a problem to the safety of transatlantic flights at all.

gentlemen. ring In November, representatives from all over Europe met and convened a plenary meeting, possibly in response to the back and forth debates in the United States on the matter, so they expressed concern about the potential interference of 5G on aircraft.

But there is almost nothing to discuss.

“No one speaks,” he Say. “The room was absolutely quiet. 48 countries participated, and the room was absolutely quiet.”

gentlemen. ring Say rareThe instructions on the matter caused shocks around the world, and he Taking into account the concerns raised by the United States, some European countries have begun to study 5G emissions near airports.

But there are no plans to slow down the launch in Europe, he Say.and he Think that any further pause in the United States would be an overkill.

“As long as there is no conclusive evidence, then everything is going according to plan,” he Say. “The European Commission is very keen to promote this process.”

U.S. cell suppliers agreed.

AT&T and Verizon executives pointed out in a letter to U.S. telecommunications companies this month that the same C-band spectrum designated for 5G in the United States has been used for 5G in dozens of other countries, and no reports of interference to aircraft have been reported. Federal Communications Commission Chairman Jessica Rosenworthel.

On-site flight tests by the French military and the Norwegian Communications Authority also showed “no anomalies,” wrote Joan Marsh, AT&T’s vice president of federal regulatory relations, and Kathleen Grillo, Verizon’s senior vice president of public policy and government affairs.

After spending more than US$81 billion Federal Communications Commission Service permit in February, U.S. Cellular Suppliers are scrambling to start a new frequency on January 5. But after delaying the original launch last month, aircraft manufacturers continued to sound the alarm.

In the week of December 20, Dave Calhoun of Boeing and Jeff Knittel of Airbus Americas signed a letter to Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg, warning that advancing 5G deployment may “have a huge negative impact on the aviation industry.” Including if this Federal Communications Commission No additional protective measures have been taken.

Cellular service providers said that concerns about 5G switching altimeters and automated systems that help aircraft land are exaggerated.

AT&T and Verizon have proposed additional preventive measures to limit emissions from cellular towers near airports, but aviation experts say these safeguards are not enough.

American Airlines Say rare Once launched, it will be forced to ground thousands of flights unless Federal Communications Commission The telecommunications company proposed a feasible solution. The organization stated that these restrictions will affect more than 35,000 passenger flights, and annual operating costs will exceed $1.7 billion.

But Ms. Marsh and Ms. Grillo said that the timely introduction of this technology is “critical to the United States’ global leadership.”

They wrote in the letter: “China’s current market position in 5G equipment has not only caused economic concerns, but also worried about whether the security vulnerabilities of Chinese equipment may pose a threat to national interests, not just a simple third-party hacker attack. “Unfortunately, any further delay in the launch of 5G C-band will not only weaken the United States’ 5G leadership, but also weaken the credibility of the United States’ technological leadership, and may weaken the United States’ efforts to promote a safer and more credible global Efforts to develop. Communication infrastructure.”

Meredith Attwell Baker, chairman and CEO of the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association, stated in a November column that further delays could cause real harm. She said that a one-year postponement would reduce economic growth by US$50 billion, “just like our country is recovering and rebuilding from a pandemic.”

This rare She said the aviation industry is forcing “the United States to make wrong choices that don’t need to be made.”

In the CTIA joint statement, American AirlinesAnd the Aerospace Industry Association, these groups announced that they will “work together to share available data from all parties to identify specific areas of concern for the aviation industry.”

“The best technical experts from the two industries will work together to determine the way forward, and rare and Federal Communications Commission,” these groups said. “We believe that through sincere cooperation on data-driven solutions, we can achieve the common goal of deploying 5G while protecting aviation safety. “

Correction: An earlier version of this story misspelled Mr. Ring’s is Stephen.

Correction: An earlier version of this story incorrectly reported the date of the letter from Boeing and Airbus executives to Mr. Buttigieg. It was sent in the week of December 20, 2021.

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