As institutional adoption increases, crypto funds attracted an inflow of $9.3B in 2021

Due to the demand for digital assets such as Bitcoin, institutional cryptocurrency funds attracted a record inflow of funds in 2021.Bitcoin) And ether (Ethereum) Continue to grow in a volatile and often unpredictable bull market.

According to the latest data released by CoinShares on Tuesday, the inflow of crypto investment products this year was 9.3 billion U.S. dollars, higher than 2020’s 6.8 billion U.S. dollars. The Bitcoin Fund attracted $6.3 billion worth of funds last year, and the total inflow of ether products was close to $1.4 billion. Multi-asset funds are also very popular, attracting US$775 million in investor funds.

A total of 37 investment products were launched in 2021, while only 24 were listed the previous year. It is worth noting that the number of encrypted assets included in investment products has increased from 9 in the previous year to 15.

As of Monday, Grayscale is still the largest single crypto asset management company, with US$43.5 billion in assets under management. Other multi-billion dollar asset management companies include 3iQ, 21Shares, ETC Group, Purpose, and ProShares.

Despite the large fluctuations, Cryptocurrency gains wider mainstream recognition in 2021, Both retail and institutional investors have participated in the market. 2021 is the year when crypto has become a trillion-dollar asset class, making it the focus of fund managers and family offices.During this process, a large number of BTC exchange-traded products were put on the market, including Canadian Bitcoin ETF Purpose, Which provides North American investors with spot exposure to leading digital assets.

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US regulators will also approve several futures-linked Bitcoin ETFs in 2021, opening the door for wider institutional adoption.The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is expected to Physically-backed Bitcoin Fund From NYSE Arca and Grayscale in early February.