As COVID-19 affects the team, the frustration of NFL anti-vaccine players heats up

Yes, the fight is more important than the fight of who should be allowed to play football There is a national debate on vaccines going on-from the President’s request on Tuesday to resume the injection mission to the service staff seeking an exemption to the family deciding who will attend the Thanksgiving dinner.

But this country is still a football fanatic. The debate over vaccines in the NFL suddenly heated up.

The Dallas Cowboys against the Las Vegas Raiders on Thursday participated in the traditional Thanksgiving game but did not have their top receiver, Amari Cooper, who had missed the week after testing positive for COVID-19 Japan’s defeat against the Kansas City Chiefs.

As an unvaccinated player, due to the NFL agreement, Cooper must be absent for at least 10 days after testing positive-the agreement distinguishes between vaccinated and unvaccinated players when they can return. And because the Cowboys have a short week, the four-time professional bowlers have no chance to participate in the holiday classics under the guidance of the league.

Teammates insisted on Cooper’s right to refuse to shoot, but some fans, including former players, were angry about this.

“I am very interested in this,” Hall of Fame wide receiver Michael Owen told TMZ Sports. “Are you kidding? … I have someone (in Cooper) who makes $21 million on the bench at home (every year) instead of participating in competitions. This is crazy. As athletes, our job is to try to eliminate Any reason for not being able to win the Super Bowl. …you must try to mitigate any problems that might cost you a game or the Super Bowl. COVID is one of them.

“You go vaccinated to try to alleviate it and do your best. Now, even if you get the vaccine, you can still get it, but your percentage or chance of getting it is different.”

A source familiar with the NFL’s testing procedures told the Washington Times that the testing rate for players who have not been vaccinated this season is twice that of those who have been vaccinated. The league stated that this ratio was as high as seven times in August, but has since declined. According to NFL data, 94.3% of players are vaccinated. Players who have not presented a vaccination certificate to the NFL can continue to play, but must undergo more stringent testing.

From August 1 to November 13, 128 players and 232 employees composed of executives, coaches, and staff tested positive for the virus.

In the two weeks leading up to November 13, a total of 6,518 players and team members were tested 20,353 times.

The league’s chief medical officer, Dr. Alan Sears, recently told the NFL Network that 20% of vaccinated players returned from the league’s COVID-19 reserve list before the 10-day window that unvaccinated players must observe. According to the alliance’s agreement, vaccinated players can return to the game after passing two COVID-19 tests and medical examinations within 24 hours.

The doctor said that the vaccinated players had a “shorter course of illness” and a milder illness, which would allow them to get out of quarantine.

“As a total, we have vaccinated more cases, just because we have more people vaccinated,” Dr. Sears said. “But I want to point out that unvaccinated players have always tested positive at a much higher rate than vaccinated players.”

Cowboys quarterback Duck Prescott defended Cooper in a post-game press conference-“My brother,” he said.

“It’s a pity that there is no him,” Prescott said. “But to say’the decision he made?’ I mean, I, I was vaccinated, I can get vaccinated and participate in two games. Therefore, we should not try to beat him or belittle him because of personal decisions.”

Cooper is not the only unvaccinated player under review.

Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay faced similar criticism when he was forced to absent in the November 7 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. As one of the league’s biggest stars, Rogers is one of several quarterbacks who have given up the opportunity to be vaccinated. Neither Kirk Cousins ​​of Minnesota nor Carson Wentz of Indianapolis were vaccinated. In August, Cousins, a Michigan hospital, worked with the quarterback to cut contact with his vaccine stance. .

This month, Rogers rebutted criticism that he misled people about the vaccination situation. The Packers quarterback initially told reporters in the summer that he was “vaccinated”, but there were reports that Rogers was not vaccinated after testing positive.

In an appearance at the “Pat McAfee Show”, Rogers accused the media of “witch hunting” by asking whether the players were vaccinated. Rogers said that he is allergic to one of the ingredients in two of the three vaccines (mRNA vaccines produced by Pfizer and Moderna), and is concerned about the potential side effects of Johnson & Johnson’s injection of the vaccine. He repeated a debunked claim that vaccines may cause fertility problems.

Rogers said: “I firmly believe in the autonomy of the body and the ability to make choices for your body, not in having to acquiesce in a certain awakening culture or those crazy people who say you have to do something.”

It’s not just football Players who refuse to shoot. The NHL suspended Evander Kane for 21 games for submitting a fake vaccination card to the league.

In the NBA, the Brooklyn Nets require star Kyrie Irving not to join their team if he does not comply with local regulations that require all New York athletes to be vaccinated to participate in home games.

Irving did not take a public position like Rogers. Instead, Irving asked people to respect his privacy, at least initially.

But after a report came out, Irving quoted sources close to him as saying that he hopes to become a “speaker for the silent” by refusing to be vaccinated. The NBA guard is facing widespread backlash. ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith said that the reasoning reported by Irving was “I think the stupidest thing I have ever encountered.”

Charles Barkley of TNT said that Irving has a responsibility not to vaccinate himself, but to vaccinate others.

“You vaccinate your family first,” Mr. Barkley said. “You vaccinate your teammates for the second time.”

When Rogers was criticized, he also proposed the idea of ​​vaccinating others.

“I respect his attitude as an individual, but this is a team game,” Hall of Fame coach Jimmy Johnson told Fox. “To be honest, I am disappointed in his use of words to explain his actions. I am disappointed in some of his selfish actions.”

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