Army training with Erik Bartell

All branches of U.S. Armed Forces Unite together by a common bond-serving and protecting at home and abroad. Although this mission will never change, it does not mean that there is no friendly competition between them.An example of this is the annual Army Navy Football GameBoth teams hope to establish dominance in this game and win bragging rights for the next year.The 2021 version of the game will be Saturday, December 11 at the Metropolitan Stadium.

Veterans and M&F expert trainer Erik Bartell Speaking of this game, it may be a bit extreme, but he still wants to help as many people as possible to improve their physical fitness.With this idea, he recently shared a M&F Instagram page It only takes about 20 minutes to complete.

“We will do one minute of high-intensity exercise, and then one minute of strength training, the focus is on hypertrophy, and then we have to flush and repeat,” Battelle said at the beginning of the training. “We just want to chase it.”

Warm up

As he does during each workout, Battelle will guide you through a short warm-up period. The goal is to raise the body temperature and prepare the body for the upcoming work. Battelle performed reverse lunges, deadweight squats, and jacks. If you feel you need more action to fully prepare, please take some time to prepare.

Military training

The only equipment required for Bartell’s Go-Army exercise is a pair of light to medium dumbbells. Make sure you have space for activities and drinking water. For every minute of work completed, you have 15 seconds to transition to the next action.

The entire lower body will be the target, but the focus is on the hips. Battelle offers one last piece of advice about focusing on muscles at work. Do not lock heavy objects and pay attention to areas where you feel nervous.

“Keeping the weight on the muscles allows you to focus on the muscles.”

Please watch the video below while doing this exercise, as Bartell provides specific instructions, so you can get as many benefits as possible from it. If more challenges are needed, he will also provide advanced options.

Go to the army to exercise
exercise period
Reverse lunge 1 minute
Goblet squat 1 minute
Knee squat exercise 1 minute
Dumbbell straight leg deadlift 1 minute
Skater 1 minute
Dumbbell lunge pulse 1 minute
Dumbbell lunge pulse (opposite leg) 1 minute
Hip thrust 1 minute
Weight-bearing hip thrust 1 minute
airplane 1 minute
Dumbbell Sumo Squat 1 minute
*After completing the last action of the training, take a few minutes to relax for a short time.

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