“Arma 3” and “DayZ” added BattlEye anti-cheat support via Valve Proton

Although there are still many unknowns In the game library, you can add four titles to the list for use on the first day. on Friday, Weapon 3, DayZ, Unconverted with Planetary Edge 2 Now, when playing games through Proton, all features can use BattlEye anti-cheat support.They join Ark: Survival Evolved with Horseback and Blade II: Overlord There are six Windows games in total, and Linux users can play these games through the compatibility layer without the problems caused by anti-cheat software.

No matter how you define it, adding only four new games to the compatibility list is a modest addition, especially when you consider that Valve stated in November that the integration of BattlEye and Proton has evolved so that all developers have to do is contact the company to enable Features in their game.The current list does not include some of the most popular online multiplayer games on Steam, including Rainbow Six Siege with PlayerUnknown’s BattlegroundsWe still don’t have a comprehensive understanding of all the games that can be used with Steam Deck’s Linux-based operating system, but Valve promises to pass the new Before the handheld starts .

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