Arjun Kapoor has the most humourous birthday message for Varun Dhawan

Arjun Kapoor and Varun Dhawan have been very close friends since their younger days. They’ve always had a fun tete-e-tete going on in every social media post that they dedicate to each other or has a mention of them.

Today, on Varun Dhawan’s birthday, Arjun Kapoor took to share a hilarious video of Varun on his handle with an equally funny caption.

The video is a one where Varun is wishing Arjun on his birthday. Varun goes on to say sarcastically how they’ve had a long journey together and are brothers and hence he wants to take credit for the actor Arjun is today. He also mentions how he wants to learn the skills of managing the ladies like Arjun does and calls him a Ladykiller.

Fast forward to Arjun’s birthday post today for Varun, he mentions how Varun predicted way earlier that Arjun is a Ladykiller and coincidentally it is also the title of one of Arjun’s upcoming films.

Varun Arjun Birthday

The caption read, “Yeh Aadmi purush hi nahi maha purush hai… not a lot of u know this but Varun has been side-hustling as a fortune-teller for the industry a while now. So, on his birthday today, it is my pleasure to reveal his alter ego, Guruji Varun. You are the astrologer I need in my life Guruji You predicted me being a #Ladykiller in 𠟮𠟬ð Ÿð Ÿ± !!! Now, everyone can see your skill and give you credit, exactly what you expect from everyone all time time, anyway. 𠗛𠗮𠗽𠗽𠘆 ð —•ð —¶ð —¿ð ˜ ð —µð —±ð —®ð ˜† @varundvn aka Guruji. #throwback #gurujikabdayhai.”

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