Ariane Capital launches ARBA Spin, a crypto fund that provides absolute performance

Ariane Capital, a traditional family office that has been involved in the cryptocurrency market since 2014, is launching ARBA SPIN, an actively managed certificate with long-term targeted goals.

The fund combines the fundamental analysis of encryption with the ability to seize the opportunities identified in it to obtain the best returns.

In the past two years, the encryption industry has gained mainstream attention and large-scale adoption, and traditional financial institutions have increasingly begun to seek exposure to this new asset class.

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As the demand for encrypted assets continues to evolve, Ariane Capital pointed out that its clients have been looking for long-term targeted exposure. To meet this growing demand, the company launched the ARBA SPIN to provide absolute performance.

ARBA SPIN has a return rate of +12.5% ​​in the first month after its launch and in the bear market. Ariane Capital attributed this performance to “the quality of the alpha generator of the management team, they were able to identify several important opportunities.”

Benjamin Guez, co-founder of Ariane Capital, a multi-family office, said in an interview that although it is a conservative family office, its clients are “increasing in demand.” The fund combines risk management methods with existing tools (such as options or futures).

“Given the huge potential of the crypto asset class in this field, the market is now aware of the volatility of related assets and hopes to have a dedicated risk allocation,” Gates said.

Early and strong

Ariane Capital is one of the few operators in the European financial market. It already has its arbitration fund ARBA FUND, and its goal is to decouple from the market. It is the first regulated and structured hedge fund in the market.

During the downturn in May last year, the crypto market reported losses of more than 50%, and the monthly performance of ARBA funds was 0.12%. However, as the crypto industry develops and continues to be adopted, the arbitrage gap and opportunities are shrinking. Compared with the performance of +41.75% in 2020, the return rate in 2021 is 15%.

About eight years ago, Ariane Capital, a technology-focused family office, entered the field of encryption very early. At the time, the cryptocurrency industry was still opaque and emerging, and the company spent several years opening bank accounts and providing liquidity to its customers.

Since then, the company has assembled a team of financial market professionals and experienced fund managers, specializing in appropriate risk management methods, providing services from legal structures to opening depository institutions.

It now also has the internal capabilities to analyze the encryption field, invest in and support its development.

Guez said that being in the early game means “it allows us to stay ahead of and synchronize with the entire encryption field.”

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