Applications that help manage meals that meet different dietary needs

What it can do: FindMeGlutenFree is only available to people who follow a gluten-free diet, making it easier to find restaurants that offer gluten-free options. Users can filter through dedicated gluten-free restaurants—meaning they don’t produce anything that contains gluten—or restaurants that have a separate gluten-free menu. The restaurant is reported by peers, so if you find a good restaurant that is not in the FindMeGlutenFree database, you can recommend it through the app. (At the same time, this means you should double-check in the restaurant to make sure the food you get is safe for your gluten intolerance.)

This app also provides a database of gluten-free products and a bookmark function to save lists you want to view later. The premium version of the app includes additional search filters, such as “Open Now”, “Best for Celiac Disease”, and a targeted search to find restaurants on your route. My gluten-free friends told me that in the first few weeks and months after they were diagnosed with celiac disease, this app was definitely their savior, helping them eat out and eat out during the stressful transition period. Discover new products.

Blind spot: Obviously, if your food allergy/sensitivity is not gluten, this is not the app for you. In addition, the data in FindMeGlutenFree is only as good as the people added to its knowledge base, so if no one takes the time to enter them, restaurants with good gluten-free options may still not appear in the results.

Cost: Free

IOS only

What it can do: Spokin makes it easy for you to find a restaurant, bakery or ice cream shop, so that people with allergies or restrictions can eat safely. In addition, the app has hundreds of resources on allergy research, safe food, and travel advice. Once you fill in the profile of the food you want to avoid, the app will show you all possible safe places on a detailed map of your area. My mother-in-law recently moved to a new town, so I used Spokin to find restaurants near her where I can safely order takeaways. We are very happy to find a local pizzeria that offers dairy-free or regular cheese on their pizzas, providing an interesting choice for everyone.

Spokin even allows you to contact other users with food allergies in your area (assuming they have agreed to disclose their personal data), and allows you to write reviews of restaurants and products you use and like.

Blind spot: This app is if only Available on iOS devices. The FAQ on the company’s website claims that it is developing one for Android, but there is no estimated release date. In addition, although most restaurant listings contain a link to the restaurant website, you usually have to leave the app to see the menu.

Dining out is always a bit scary when you are trying to control food allergies, but these apps are expected to give you a head start before you show up in an uncensored restaurant and share your concerns with the waiter. Because my allergy to seafood can be fatal, I perfected my “restaurant reorganization” speech. I called and said, “I am severely allergic to all fish-shellfish and ordinary fish. Can you make me something without fish or shellfish-not even fish sauce or oyster sauce, and use a clean pan Did you do it? I promise to give you a good comment anyway, even if you say you can’t feed me safely. Trust me, the ambulance outside is really bad for business.” Also, when I travel abroad, I Will try to add a note in the language of the destination on the phone to explain my allergies.

The equipment we carry with us has the potential to help us manage our daily lives, even if our life includes challenging dietary restrictions. From planning a vacation at home to dining out or managing a whole new range of groceries, these apps are all in your tool belt.

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