Apple’s rumored new display may be much cheaper than Pro Display XDR

Even Apple’s 32-inch stand, $5,000 Professional display XDR Yes Known for being expensive, But its next external monitor may be more reasonable, according to Bloomberg Reporter Mark Gulman.In his nearest Open In the newsletter, he said that Apple’s next external display is “destined to be about half the price of Pro Display XDR.”

Gurman also stated that he “hopes” that it will be launched in 2022, so it is not clear whether this is from a person familiar with the matter. Earlier, he stated that the cost of manufacturing the display (using LED backlighting instead of mini-LED technology) “may have fallen. With some adjustments and a slight decrease in brightness, Apple may be able to achieve a similar quality display (with a slightly smaller size) at a price Probably only about half of it.”

According to reports, Apple is developing some smaller 24-inch and 27-inch displays and successors to Pro Display XDR because 9to5Mac Pointed out. The latter can use the A13 bionic chip and Apple’s neural engine to accelerate learning tasks.Apple is Forced to give up Its statement of “far beyond HDR” on the current Pro Display XDR model was ridiculed by display experts Vincent Compare it with a professional Sony reference monitor.

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