Apple’s mixed reality headset may be a standalone device

Apple Rumored for a long time Mixed reality earphone According to well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, it will be supported by two processors.See in Guo’s latest research report Mike Rumor with 9to5MacAnalysts said that the device will have a main processor with the same computing power as the M1 chip and an auxiliary processor to handle all sensor-related calculations. Once both processors are in place, the headset will not need to be connected to the iPhone or Mac.

Guo said that thanks to Sony’s pair of 4K micro OLED displays, the device can not only provide an augmented reality experience, but also a virtual reality experience. This is only possible because the M1 chip has the capabilities needed to support the display. As for the independent processor of its sensor, it is obviously necessary because “the computing power of the sensor is significantly higher than that of the iPhone.” Kuo expects the device to arrive at the end of 2022, and said that Apple will ensure that it can support a “comprehensive application” with the ultimate goal of replacing the iPhone within ten years.

Kuo predicts that the headset will become a standalone device Objection to the report go through information Since September, it has claimed that it needs to communicate wirelessly with an iPhone, iPad or computer to process most of its calculations. The report also stated that this headset will be for developers and creators, with a potential price of approximately US$3,000.

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