Apple’s 2021 iPad price on Amazon returns to $299

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If you don’t get (or give), don’t worry The latest iPad This holiday-you can still get discounted points. Amazon sells 64GB standard iPad again 299 USD, Or $30 lower than the usual price.You can also buy the 256GB version at an unprecedented low price 449 USDWhen the 64GB model will not ship until mid-February, you may have to wait for a while, but if you are not in a hurry to buy Apple’s most affordable tablet, it may be worth it.

Buy an iPad on Amazon-$299

The 2021 iPad is another modest update to the core design that has not changed for many years, but in some cases, these changes may have a significant impact. The wide-angle front camera is more suitable for video calls. The A13 bionic chip is still very fast for this type of tablet, and the battery life of more than 10 hours is more than enough for typical tablet use. There is even a headphone jack-just imagine.

If you insist on using Apple’s latest technology, this is not the right iPad for you: you can’t find USB-C, thin bezels, or second-generation Pencil support.You will want one iPad Air (or mini, or Dear) For that reason. However, if you just want a big screen for games, reading, and TV marathons, then this basic iPad is an easy choice at such a high price.

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