Apple snapped up a movie about Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes

Apple will fund and release a long-term production film about embarrassing Seranos Founder Elizabeth Holmes. Bad blood Jennifer Lawrence will play Holmes, and Adam McKay will serve as screenwriter and director. Both are the producers of the project, which was co-produced by Apple Studios and Legendary.

This movie is based on this book Bad blood: the secrets and lies of Silicon Valley startups predecessor Wall Street Journal Reporter John Carreyrou has been developing since at least 2016 because deadline notes. This movie will portray the rise and fall of Holmes and her company.

The hype surrounding blood testing startups has made Holmes the youngest self-made billionaire.Allegations and Toll Fraud led to her Retiring CEO in 2018 The company was liquidated later that year. Holmes is currently undergoing a fraud trial.

Bad blood Far from the only movie and TV project about Theranos and Holmes.gourd A miniseries In 2019 with Saturday night live Star Kate McKinnon (Kate McKinnon) will star in Sherlock Holmes.She dropped out of school earlier this year and was replaced by Amanda Seyfried. one HBO documentary The legend about Theranos premiered in 2019.

Meanwhile, Lawrence and McKay recently collaborated on Netflix movies Don’t look up, Will be screened this weekend and will be broadcast on December 24. This is a satire about two astronomers (played by Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio) trying to warn humans of a catastrophic comet about to collide with the earth.

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