Apple released the Anti-Vax version of Tinder from the App Store

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Apple has removed Unjected from the App Store, which claims to be “a safe space where unvaccinated people can get together through business, friendship or love without being censored.”The company stated that Unjected violated its covid-19 policy and tried to bypass the App Store review process, which in itself is opposed Apple Guide.

After contacting Bloomberg, Apple took action against Unjected.exit Published a report On Saturday’s Unjected, it analyzed how Apple and Google deal with the covid-19 vaccine error message displayed on the app. In an email, Apple confirmed the delisting of Gizmodo on Saturday.

In mid-July, Google warned the founders of Unjected about misinformation in the app’s recently launched social feed-including false user-generated claims that the vaccine was an “experimental mRNA gene modifier” and a “nanotechnology microchip” “-And threatened that if the content has not been deleted. The founder complied with and deleted the social feed, although someone told Bloomberg that they plan to restore it and the false statement, hoping to “keep a low profile.” The app is still available in the Play Store.

In response to the actions of Apple and Google, Unjected sent the following response to Gizmodo via email.

“Our only statement is that we are a respected group of people who support their medical autonomy and freedom of choice. We believe in their unfair review policies against Google and Apple. [sic] Violates our constitutional rights,” Unjected said.

Gizmodo contacted Google to comment on the report, but we did not receive a response when it was published. If we do, we will make sure to update this blog.

Similar to applications such as Tinder, Unjected allows people to create profiles, match and chat with others in search of friendship and romance. As Bloomberg explained, after mainstream dating apps, “Tinder for Anti-vaccine” was launched in May Working with the White House Encourage users to get vaccinated. The visibility of the profile and special vaccination badges of users who claim to have been vaccinated has been improved.

However, Unjected covers more than just love. It even allows people to find businesses and services that agree with their users about the covid-19 vaccine.

“In this way, if a company is looking for unvaccinated employees, they can publish the list there, or if someone is looking for an unvaccinated doctor, they can find them on the app,” said one of the app’s co-founders. A Shelby Thomson, Tell yahoo In June.

Unjected also targets people who have been vaccinated against covid-19.In its google Play Store description, The app falsely claimed that some people experienced “adverse events” after exposure to the vaccine.

Apple explained to Gizmodo that the App Store prioritizes safety and security in all areas, including covid-19. The company revealed that the Unjected application was initially rejected by the App Store during the review process because it violated Apple’s rules on covid-19, which require all applications related to the virus to provide information from reputable sources such as government agencies. Reliable health and safety information and medical institutions-but then approved after the developer makes changes. Despite this, Apple said that since then, developers’ external statements to their users and updates to the application have once again led to violations.

Apple also pointed out that one of the founders of Unjected asked users to avoid using words such as “vaccine”, “stab” or “microchip” to avoid flying under the noses of company commentators. Apple said that this violates its guidelines, which warn developers that if they try to trick the system, their apps will be deleted from the App Store.

then National 76.05% In view of the following circumstances, it is experiencing a high level or a large amount of community transmission Declining vaccination rates and the spread of highly infectious delta variants, We need to promote the scientific facts and benefits of vaccines as much as possible. Apps that encourage people to believe that the covid-19 vaccine lies about preventing serious illness, hospitalization, and death have no place in our fight against the virus.

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