Apple Music’s Siri exclusive plan seems to be expected to be implemented in iOS 15.2

Apple Music recently announced Voice plan Will be launched at the same time iOS 15.2, According to the patch notes for the update candidate version shared by the company.The change log was first discovered Mai Story Main editor Federico Vitic. When Apple first announced more affordable products October Fall Mac Event, The company said it will be listed in 17 countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada “later this fall.”

The plan will provide access to Apple Music’s entire song catalog for $5 a month, provided you are willing to rely on Siri for control. You can play specific tracks and playlists as well as complete albums on Apple devices. What this layer does not provide is access to the Apple Music interface.

We have contacted Apple to confirm that it plans to launch a voice plan with iOS 15.2.This update will add some other new features, including allowing iPhone 13 Pro The owner turns the camera’s macro mode on and off. According to the time of the candidate release, Apple is likely to launch iOS 15.2 soon.

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