Apple is reportedly testing a USB-C iPhone

Apple may be about to change iPhone charging port. According to a Bloomberg reportsthe company is testing new iPhones and adapters with USB-C, which is already used by MacBooks and iPads, not to mention a plethora of devices outside of the Apple ecosystem. We’ve reached out to Apple for confirmation, but have yet to hear back.

Bloomberg The adapter being tested could “allow future iPhones to work with accessories designed for the current Lightning connector,” the source said. That could mean a Lightning-to-USB-C adapter for a credit card scanner or a flash drive that plugs into an existing iPhone, etc. BloombergThe report states that if Apple “continues to make changes, it won’t happen until 2023 at the earliest.”

While Apple’s decision to change the port has been the subject of many jokes in pop culture, USB-C may actually be welcome. The more widely available standard is only slightly larger than Lightning, but delivers power and data faster. The change could also make life easier for those who already use USB-C to charge most devices but still need to carry a Lightning cable for their iPhone.

Apple’s motivations for potential change may not be entirely altruistic.EU has Push for Universal Phone Charging standard for many years, recently proposed legislation would make USB-C a mandatory port for all phones. Testing USB-C on the iPhone is just Apple recognizing the writing on the wall. Still, if it does happen, it’s not only convenient for most people who already use USB-C a lot, but it could also mean less e-waste in the future.

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