Apple faces U.S. Labor Commission investigation into complaints of poor working conditions

After current and former employees shared stories of harassment, retaliation and sexism within the company, Apple has been under fire recently. According to reports, the National Labor Relations Board is now investigating a lawsuit filed by two major voices against the technology giant, accusing the company of allowing harsh working conditions. Reuters with Financial Times. The first complaint was caused by Ashley Gojovic, The senior engineering project manager said that she spent several months discussing unsafe working conditions and gender discrimination in the workplace with the company.

in a tweet, She said that after raising her concerns, she was given indefinite paid administrative leave, and Apple is investigating these issues. In addition, she stated that Apple hinted that the company did not want her to use Slack because she had bluntly expressed her criticism on Slack. Gjøvik filed a complaint of “Allegations against the Employer”, era Said that 13 incidents of alleged retaliation against her were charged.These situations include workplace harassment, reassignment of her supervisory duties to colleagues, and giving her unwelcome tasks

On September 1, Cher Scarlett filed the second complaint under investigation by the Labor Committee on behalf of herself and other employees. Scarlett is a safety engineer for the company and is the spokesperson of the #AppleToo movement, which is made up of current and former employees and aims to refresh the tech giant’s workplace culture.Said in the group set Stories of over 500 incidents involving discrimination, harassment and retaliation, and most recently Start sharing They have five stories at a time. Her case alleges that Apple suppressed the organization of workers, especially when it came to pay investigations and gender pay equality.

It is worth mentioning that the labor committee will investigate all complaints received and will only prosecute if it considers it to be justified. As for Apple, the company told these publications in a statement: “We have been and have been committed to creating and maintaining a positive and inclusive workplace. We take all issues seriously and conduct thorough investigations when they are raised, except for respect. Regarding the privacy of any relevant individual, we do not discuss specific employee issues.”

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