Apple AR glasses are now in the design development stage, mass production in the second half of 2024: gadgets

This is how you do Apple reporting in the 2010s/2020s. Start with some ridiculous claims like AR headsets or cars, or maybe just completely misunderstand something like when people hear you can wear a 2010 iPod Nano like a watch and assume Apple must be working on a smartwatch. Then go on to report unsubstantiated rumors for five years or more.

Eventually, either your dream market will actually exist on its own (perhaps a direct result of rumors, like smartwatches) and Apple does eventually want to compete in it, or it’s still unlikely, but Apple is starting to look stupid, and if they are short-sighted do not Start working on it. Or on the other hand, they can ignore it, and the only ones who look stupid are journalists who have wasted ten years covering a product that never existed and never will.

As far as headsets go, Apple silicon appears to be the ideal processor architecture for a “PC-quality” portable VR headset, which can deliver quite a bit of performance at a very low power consumption. Apple may be one of the only companies that can really afford to compete with the Oculus ecosystem (albeit perhaps with a more refined and high-performance offering at a higher price).But I still firmly believe that even though they are developing a VR headset Now (this is far from certain), they almost certainly didn’t develop it in 2015 or when the rumors first started. It’s just a neat idea that tech enthusiasts have been trying to pull off rumors.

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