Apple and Beijing government reach agreement to protect China’s business lines: report

American tech giants Apple Inc. According to a published report, an agreement was reached with Chinese officials to protect its lines of business in the country, working with government regulators to develop rules that allow the company to operate more freely in the country, while supporting the government’s key priorities .

According to a report on The, the quoted news website said it was the company’s internal documents and records. Apple CEO Tim Cook has systematically lobbied Chinese regulators in 2016 to request exemptions from rules established by foreign smartphone manufacturers, which may harm the sales of iPhones and other companies’ products Apple Payment, iCloud and App Store.

Only after the regulators closed iTunes books and movies that year did they take the initiative to woo Chinese officials themselves. Apple Insiders told the website.

During the so-called agreement, Apple From 2016 to 2021, China has made a lot of investment in China, and if both parties agree, the agreement will be automatically extended for at least one year. According to The, the total value of the transaction is US$275 billion, used for Apple, But did not elaborate on how it arrived at this number.

Mr. Cook and Chinese officials finalized a 1,125-word agreement, promising that the company will promote a number of initiatives by the Chinese government, including the promotion of “the most advanced manufacturing technology” and underwriting the training of “Chinese high-quality talents.”

AppleThe mobile phone, which has recently become China’s largest mobile phone seller, also promised to use more Chinese software and local technology companies.

The Washington Times has been contacted Apple Commented on the report, but the company has not yet issued a public statement.

The company strongly denied this spring the New York Times report that it agreed to cooperate with Chinese regulators and compromised the security and privacy controls of its iCloud data storage service.

The Hong Kong reporter for The worked as a Wall Street Journal reporter in the area for ten years before joining the news site.

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