Antonio Brown’s mental health is no joke

Antonio Brown threw his Jersey and shoulder pads facing the bench, throw his Entering the stands wearing gloves and undershirts, ran out of the field shirtless, waved to the fans in the end zone to signal peace, while Tom Brady curled up on the offensive end, preparing for an important game.

After his strange outbreak on Sunday, Brown Out as a member Tampa Bay Buccaneers One can only hope he Find peace.

Brown’s bizarre behavior quickly exploded on social media and dominated the league’s NFL headlines on the day when Brady designed another impressive comeback and several teams won playoff spots.

But Brown’s mental health is not a joke that is underestimated by memes.

It is easy to be selected as a full professional wide receiver four times, especially after he was suspended for three games for misrepresenting his vaccinations-and the trouble with allegations of sexual assault, including rape, has passed.

However, Brown Obviously need help. his On the court, the crash in the game is the latest disturbing event in a career full of big moves and absurd behavior.

Brown Run out his He was welcomed in Pittsburgh and was released by the Raiders before even playing a game for them in 2019 and continued a game with the Patriots. he Get another chance in the NFL with Brady pirate Last year, he was suspended for eight games for multiple violations of the league’s personal conduct policy and eventually won the Super Bowl ring. After the recent incident, even Brady could not save his friend roster.

“It’s a difficult situation,” Brady passed a 33-yard touchdown to Cyril Grayson with 15 seconds left in the game, leading the Tampa team (12-4) to a 28-24 victory over the New York Jets. (4-12) said later. “Everyone should do their best to help him in the way he really needs. We all love him. We care about him. We want to see him in top condition. Unfortunately, it won’t work with our team. Together…I think everyone should be very compassionate and compassionate about some very difficult things that are happening.”

pirate Coach Bruce Arians canceled his initial one-stroke policy Brown And bring he after come back his The most recent suspension.Brown makes Aries easy to get rid of he this time.

he No longer a pirate,” Arians said. “Okay? This is the end of the story. Let’s talk about those who played and won the game. “

Brown’s career in the NFL is likely to be over. It’s hard to imagine that another team will give the 33-year-old a chance and risk all the drama he brings.

still, Brown Should benefit from the various mental health services the NFL provides to players and team personnel. The league and the player union provide a lot of resources for anyone who needs it-if they ask for it.

although Brown Resignation deserves criticism his The team in a game—— pirate Facing three-pointers and seven-pointers, trailing 24-10 in the third quarter he Going out-The capricious seven Pro Bowl drafts need to come from his Friends and close people he.

“I send immediately he A text message,” said former Steelers star Levine Bell pirate“Obviously, he texted me back and I talked to him. He is still one of my close friends. You will never hear me speak ill of AB. Obviously, I understand that things will happen, but he is One of my closest friends, a close teammate. In general, he is a good person. Sometimes he makes some wrong decisions, but he is a human, he is not perfect, we will be without him Keep going and keep going.”

Bell and others are disappointed that things have developed in this way.

“It’s hard,” he said. “Obviously, when I came here, I was very happy to be reunited with him. Unfortunately, these are only two games, but in the final analysis, I hope he is outside of football or everything goes well in the future. I will still be with him. Hang out together, be with him every day, I will continue to work hard for this team.”

If Brown’s career ends, he will complete 928 catches, 12,291 yard catches and 83 TD catches. His stats are worth entering the Professional Football Hall of Fame, but it is difficult to persuade voters to ignore his concerns about character.

Currently, Brown There are more important things to resolve.

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