Antonio Brown gave up his jersey, took an intermission and left the court

At this week’s press conference, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Antonio Brown said that it was the media, not him, that “everything is for drama.”

Well, in the Pirates game against the New York Jets, it is possible that Brown will no longer talk to the NFL media after Sunday’s antics.

When his team was on the court in the third quarter, Brown took off his mats and uniforms, threw some equipment into the stands, and jogged off the court while waving to New York fans.

Brown was not expelled by officials during the game, and it is still unclear what caused the incident. According to a CBS broadcast, his Buccaneers teammates, including wide receiver Mike Evans, tried to get Brown out of what looked like a sideline collapse.

The troubled former Steelers wide receiver Brown has the opportunity to receive an additional $1 million in the last two games of the season. When he withdrew, Tampa Bay was behind 24-10 and Brown received the ball three times at 26 yards.

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