ANOMUS private round ends with the sale of Uber subscriptions

IDO will follow up on November 26

application It has always been a highly anticipated project and has received a lot of attention in the past few months. Today, Anomus announced the end of its private sales round with a very successful and promising oversubscription.

The oversubscription has been fully anticipated by the team; this is due to the hype of the project. With the support of celebrities in the blockchain field and a team of encryption professionals, the project has been recently established.

Anomus plans to launch its “Initial Dex Product” (IDO) on November 26, 2021; the team, investors, and partners are excited about the alpha release of the platform, which is expected to be launched in December 2021.

Anomus is the future of journalism and journalism

Anomus is a decentralized protocol designed to restore the fairness, objectivity, and balance of news reporting. The goal is to create a platform for publishers to store their works on the blockchain, record them permanently in the blockchain and access them globally, while protecting the publisher’s intellectual property rights. Publishers, auditors (fact checkers) and readers will all be rewarded in various ways for participating in the system.

Publishers now have a way to create content and monetize it without censorship or restrictions, while letting the content be managed by the community and preserved for future generations.

In addition to publishers, Anomus aims to create an ecosystem that uses ANOM tokens to benefit all users, and provides incentives for everyone to publish, review and read content through rewards for participation and correct use of the platform.

The project will have:

  • Censorship-free environment that encourages freedom of speech
  • Autonomous, community governance platform
  • Reward system for publishers, fact checkers and readers
  • Save content through blockchain and permanent network technology

Register now to join Anomus and become a part of this decentralized revolution.

ANOM tokens will be managed by Anomus Token Economics.

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