Animation Guild’s negotiation on salary increase postponed to 2022

Benson and Chipo are in the era of Chipo and Fantastic Animals.

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In October last year, the International Union of Theatre Staff (IATSE) threatened to strike In order to obtain better residual error and protection of the break of the set.Although the matter has arrived Fragile agreement, A member of IATSE Local 839, aka Animation Guild (TAG), separate from these discussions.Now in their own pursuit to ensuret Animation writers have received fair remuneration for their work, and their efforts have been temporarily shelved.

Association Council Member Alexandra De Rosso confirmed deadline An agreement was not reached on Friday, so the negotiations between TAG and the League of Film and Television Producers (AMPTP) Will continue after the holiday. The talks started on Monday and lasted for a week. It is expected that the matter will be resolved before the end of the weekend.Previously, TAG and AMPTP It expired as early as July and was later extended to the end of October.

In the negotiation of the new contract, TAG has been advocating on Twitter that the salary of animation writers is the same as that of real-life writers, and emphasized the salary gap between the two media.Currently, the minimum weekly income for animation writers is $2,064 (unless it is paid by Writers Association like The Simpsons), and the salary of a live-action screenwriter is between US$4,063 and US$5,185.If you follow anyone who works in animation on social media, including well-known creators like this Gravity waterfall’ Alex Hirsch with DC superhero girl Lauren Faust, You may have seen them ask fans to express their support through the hashtag #NewDealforAnimation.

After they discussed raising salaries, TAG pointed out how animation managed to avoid a complete standstill in the first year of the pandemic like in other parts of Hollywood. “We are an important part of the industry,” TAG wrote Their fixed tweets“We are doing the same job with real people. It’s time for our salary to reflect… After all, we are all doing the same job.”

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