Animation Association may reach new deal with AMPTP

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picture: Disney Animation

As you may recall, by the end of 2021, animation guild Contract negotiations are underway with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) to give animation writers the same pay as live-action writers.If you have Twitter and follow a few high profile person In the animation world, you probably know #NewDeal4Animation.after short vacationthose talks have continued in the months since, and it now appears that some kind of agreement has been reached.

On Friday, the guild announced a new tentative agreement with the AMPTP that will provide animation writers with retroactive pay raises and “significant benefits.” Among its many changes, the new agreement will address the handling of streaming services, known as “New Media” (streaming services), and will create a labor management board designed to “address studio-specific issues.” The new contract is also said to pave the way for “union-covered remote work.” Remote work proved to be a boon for the animation industry early in the pandemic, when other entertainment industries were either shut down. Employees who are fully or instantly adjusted to working remotely.

Animation Guild representative Steve Kaplan released a statement expressing his pride in the agreement between TAG and AMPTP. “Our recommendations to employers focus on improving the working lives of our members,” Kaplan said. “We have made significant progress toward those goals.” The new agreement must be approved by guild members in June, and Kaplan knows it A little, because he promised there was still work to be done. “We will continue to fight for the rights and benefits our members deserve and ensure that all animators in America can use their collective voices to make similar changes.”


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