Anguish, honoring the dead in Ukraine

A mother tightly embraces her distraught son, who arrived at a train station in Lviv from the besieged city of Mariupol, his lips quivering and head bowed as her hands cradle his cheeks.

A woman in a blue veil covers her eyes and cries on a bus while waiting for Ukrainian police to check papers and belongings in Brovary after she evacuated the village of Bobrik.

Red and yellow tulips cover the coffin of a Ukraine marine who died in combat. Family members and Ukrainian servicemen attend his funeral ceremony of Kyiv.

On Day 25 of Russia’s war on Ukraineupended lives, bitter goodbyes and a day of prayer are captured in Associated Press photographs.

Worshippers bow their heads while a woman looks skyward inside the Transfiguration of Jesus Orthodox Cathedral in Kyiv. In another photograph, a woman receives communion at the church.

Elsewhere in Kyiv, a religious ceremony is performed alongside a van carrying the bodies of three civilians recently recovered from the frontline town of Horenka. Another photo in Kyiv shows coffins waiting to be burned.

Draped in a bright blue garment outside in the cold, a woman listens to a police officer while waiting with other neighbors to be cleared to enter their apartments damaged by a bomb in their Kyiv neighborhood. In another photo, she surveys the damage of her destroyed apartment, the daylight peeking through blown windows in the background.

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