Angler catches record 33-pound, 49-inch muskellunge in Maryland

He’s gonna need a bigger boat.

An angler in Maryland set the state’s first fishing record of 2022 in early March when he reeled in a 33-pound, 49-inch muskellunge, according to the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.

Kyle Mullenix, a Hagerstown resident, caught the record muskie — known as the “fish of ten thousand casts” — while fishing along the banks of the upper Potomac River. Along with being one of the most difficult fish to catch, muskies are the largest freshwater fish in Maryland.

Mullenix, 32, said using a seven-foot spinning rod and live bait helped him reel in the fish he’s been trying to catch for nearly two decades.

The previous state record was 32.5 pounds, held by fellow Washington County resident Tessa Cosens.

“He put up a good fight, but we didn’t think it was that big until it was on the bank,” Mullenix said.

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