Angel Reese scored 18 points and the eighth-ranked Maryland woman defeated Rutgers 74-59

Piscataway, New Jersey-Angelis scored 18 points, leading Maryland to 8th place Rutgers University Sunday 74-59.

Katie Benzan scored 15 points, Chloe Bibby scored 14 points, and Ashley Owusu scored 12 points (7-2, 1-0 Big Ten).

“We are very happy to have our first victory in the divisional game,” said Maryland coach Brenda Frese. “We are fortunate to be able to win.”

Although the water turtle may be back on track, Rutgers University (4-6, 0-1) Lost for the fifth time in a row. But acting head coach Timothy Itman believes that his team is improving.

“(I) am very excited about where we are going,” Itman said. “We (must) continue to move forward. …We are excited about the capabilities of this team.”

Shug Dickson scored 18 points Rutgers University (4-6, 0-1). Lasha Petree has 11, Tyia Singleton and Osh Brown each have 10.

Brown scored a layup midway through the fourth quarter Rutgers University Between 56-52. Terrapins scored the next 7 points to maintain control.

“We did some big shows,” Fries said.

Sayawni Lassiter hits 3 points Rutgers University, But Maryland controlled the clock in the last four minutes. Terrapins began to methodically bring the ball onto the court, forcing the Scarlet Cavaliers to foul.

Mimi Collins, Rees and Benzan each made two free throws in the final 3:47.Maryland made 20 of 27 free throws Rutgers University Only went 11 times.

“I like the fact that we went to the free throw line 27 times,” Fries said.

While praising Maryland for completing the game, Ittman pointed out that because the Scarlet Cavaliers were unable to play in the final minutes, the Turtles were helped in their career.

“(It) boils down to our inability to execute when we need it,” Yitman said. “Then when you can’t reach the goals you want, the experience and talents of Maryland will stand up.”

At the end of the first half, the Turtles took a 38-23 lead, and they never fell behind. Bibby scored a layup in the first 13 seconds of the first quarter, and the Maryland team extended the lead to 26-16 with Reese’s layup two minutes later in the second quarter.

Big picture

Maryland: The first game in the regular season of the two teams revealed the difference between an experienced group and an inexperienced group. Maryland enters the 2021-22 season and will return all 5 starters and 10 players from the 2020-21 season.The turtles did not panic Rutgers University They beat them 21-14 in the third quarter and narrowed Maryland’s lead to 52-44.

Rutgers University: The Scarlet Cavaliers in the 2021-22 season is likely to last for one season. This is what happens when seven players are transferred to the program and Hall of Fame coach C. Vivian Stringer is absent due to COVID-19 precautions. Therefore, with the current iteration of the Scarlet Knights learning how to play together, there will be growing pains.Such as Sunday Rutgers University Made 19 turnovers. “We know that to beat a team like Maryland, you have to play an’A’ level game,” Itman said. “You can’t bring’B’ into action. It must be your’A’ game to have a chance. Today I thought we were playing the’B’ game.”


Maryland: Host Purdue University on Wednesday.

Rutgers University: Go to Pennsylvania State University on Thursday.

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