Andrew Garfield got a surprise message from the cast of “Cobra Kay”

In a video released on Wednesday, the “tick tick tick… bang” star received surprise messages from members of the Netflix series, including Ralph Marchio and William Zabka, which allowed him to get through A complete fan moment.

After Garfield expressed his love for the series in a previous interview, calling it “obsessive”, the effort seems to be complete.

The video shows the actor’s message and Garfield’s smiling reaction.

“I love you,” he said to the screen at one point. “Miyagi will do it for a lifetime.”

When he told the interviewer, his joy continued to the end: “They knew I existed…Today is Christmas. My body feels like Christmas.”

“Tick, tick… Boom” is now playing.

The fourth season of “Cobra Kay” will return on December 31.

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