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different from our star wars universe, This Andorra trailer By the way, here’s an exciting glimpse into the future of franchising its past. One of the elements is Andorra‘s score, composed by Nicholas Britell (succession). From the creepy bells rhythmically rooted in the origin of the story, to the advancing beats as we get our first glimpse of the show’s characters on their mission, a sense of urgency builds on the sound that builds up as an orchestra. call to rebellion.

in an interview typeThe composer offers some insights into creating the unique sound of the first-look preview, part of this week star wars celebration. He confirmed that he was contacted months before filming began to write the score and source music. “So there’s a lot of conversation, but there’s also a lot of freedom actually for me to explore things,” Brittle said. “Everyone is on the same page and has a specific set of soundscape textures, sound worlds for that. The orchestra plays a big role in that. The range of sounds is huge and I create a lot of new sounds.”

With all things Lucasfilm and Disney kept under wraps, Brittle obviously won’t reveal much in terms of the story. “I would say this [Lucasfilm president and executive producer] Kathy Kennedy, [Andor creator-showrunner] Tony Gilroy felt from the beginning that it was very important that we have a unique set of voices for the story, the characters and the world we’re creating here,” he said. While the trailer doesn’t exactly offer the new Character details, which only show a brief glimpse of the Diego Luna-led ensemble, but feel like the music drives the message of its subject. Britell says that’s by design. “When the subject interacts with different characters, I always The most moving. Something might be centered on one person, but it might actually be about a broader story. Also: “Tony wanted to figure out some moments early…some very specific moments,” he explained, tiptoeing over plot details.

This has piqued our interest and it also sets Britell apart star wars Music is famous.Here, we feel the Andorra Will serve as connective tissue to show how the story of the Rebellion stretches across the galaxy. “The scope of the series is huge. Every episode has new needs, new music and new ideas. It’s important that as the story develops so should the music. At this point we have been working continuously Months, actually years,” Britt said, noting that he has been working with Andorra Team since August 2020. It sounds like he himself is very fond of distant galaxies: “I remember getting some first reels and pinching myself – am I really doing something? star wars universe? “

Andorra It will start streaming on Disney+ on August 31st.

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