Analysis: “Love is Blind: After the Altar” brought back the pod team

Their Summer romance Obviously something has been put in the air, and the hot summer now feels like the summer of “coming back with the ex”. Or, at least, catch someone you don’t mind being official on Instagram.

This brings me directly to some content of this week.

With the return of “love is blind” actors, Netflix is ​​offering some more delicious hot dishes.

They reunited to share what happened after the wedding and non-wedding An invisible group that knows each other.

For every bit of love and romance, some members of Pod Squad enjoy, trust and believe that there are a lot of drama, tears and accusations.

Netflix will never let us down. “Love is Blind: After the Altar” is currently playing.

“The Wedding of the Century”

(From left) The Prince Charles of Wales and the late Princess Diana of Wales held their wedding at St. Paul's Cathedral in London.
Prince Charles, then Mrs. Diana Spencer Married on July 29, 1981.

To commemorate their 40th wedding anniversary if they have been together and she is still alive, a special documentary will be released that day.

“The Wedding of the Century” will lead the audience behind the scenes, telling “unheard anecdotes”, including the chief royal florist, the music director, the chief baker of the Royal Navy and a photographer.

The couple divorced in 1996, and Princess Diana died of injuries in a car accident in Paris the following year.

This documentary is being played on BritBox.

“The Pursuit of Love”

(From left) Lily James and Emily Beecham starred in

Miss “Bridgetown”?

Enter this adaptation of Nancy Mitford’s 1945 novel about the aristocratic Linda Radlett seeking true love and her cousin Fanny Logan (Fanny Logan).

The limited series may just help you solve this problem A playful and sometimes naughty period drama.

Lily James played Linda and Emily Beecham played Fanny.

The series began to air on Amazon Prime on Friday.

Two things to listen to

Billie Eilish will release a new album this Friday.

Billie Eilish feels good

This 19-year-old Grammy Award winner A new album called “Happier Than Ever” is being released.
“I want to make a very timeless record,” Uproxx report Eilish told Vevo.

“From the perspective of others, it is not only eternal, but also eternal to myself. I have collected a lot of inspiration from many old artists that I have loved since I was a child,” she said. “Mainly Julie London, but also a lot of Frank Sinatra, Peggy Lee-and then, the songs on the album are everywhere. Very versatile, different from each other, but also very cohesive. This is a very good thing for me. Big goal.”

Eilish is definitely an old soul, ahead of her age in terms of her talents.

“Happier than ever” was released on Friday.

Prince performed at the Grand Palais in Paris on October 11, 2009.

I will always miss the prince.

We lost him in 2016 when he was 57 years old, But his music lasts forever.
“Welcome 2 America” Come out on Friday.

The previously unreleased music has been described as “a powerful creative statement documenting Prince’s concerns, hopes, and visions for a changing society, and foreseeing a political division, disinformation, and a renewed effort for racial justice.” The age of war.”

One of the singles, “Hot summer,” Just in time.

One thing to talk about

LeVar Burton is everything.

I knew this for a long time, and he confirmed it two years ago Appeared as a guest in the podcast “Lisa, Sandra and Christine Go to the Movies”, This is really co-hosted by your Sandra Gonzalez and Kristen Meinzer.
So, seeing Burton, I was very excited Guest host “Danger!” This week.

It can be said that it may never be possible to truly replace the late Alex Trebek. However, with his love of knowledge and charming personality, Burton is undoubtedly a suitable candidate.

There is a reason Why more than 260,000 people signed the petition Let him participate in hosting the show.

Drink something

The 49-year-old “Prison Break” star does not often appear in the headlines because he is quite private.

My CNN colleague Marianne Garvey reported this week that the actor announced on his verified Instagram account, “This fall marks the first anniversary of my informal autism diagnosis. It was Self-diagnosis. Then the formal diagnosis.”

Given the breadth of its platform, celebrities can help demystify such diagnoses and eliminate the shame that is sometimes considered.

“This is not something I will change…immediate autism is at the core of who I am. For everything I have achieved/clarified,” he wrote.

Miller is fully entitled to every bit of his privacy, but I am happy to see that he understands the value of his transparency and celebrates himself.

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