Analysis: Benedict Cumberbatch’s toxic cowboy pushes “Power of the Dog” into award season

That’s right-it’s time to start guessing who and which projects will be nominated for various strangely named trophies.

If the first movie in our viewing recommendations below is in your short list of contenders for the awards season, then you are looking for the right tree.

The latest role of Benedict Cumberbatch is not flattering, but he will definitely get some nominations.

He plays Phil Burbank, a grumpy cowboy who doesn’t treat his brother George (Jesse Plemont) well, and marries a beautiful widow named Rose Gordon (Kirsten Dunst). Decorated).

Phil almost rhymes with the glass bowl. But this film directed by screenwriter and director Jane Campion has a powerful statement about masculinity, change, and relationships.

Our critic Brian Lowry wrote: “Netflix clearly With a desire for film awards, the film won a place In that conversation”-I agree.

It has been shown in some theaters since November 17, and is currently playing on Netflix.

“The Great” Season 2

(From left) Catherine (played by Elle Fanning) and Peter (played by Nicholas Holt) are at odds in the Hulu series

If you like your history like I do, but it has a playful and inaccurate side, I only prepared this series for you.

The second season of “The Great” just ended. I chatted with its stars Elle Fanning and Nicholas Holt, who played the roles of Catherine the Great and Peter III, also known as the queen and emperor of Russia in the 18th century.

This comedy is super nasty. It even made fun of the infamous false story that Catherine the Great died while trying to have sex with a horse, which an urban legend Holt said was bad for her legacy.

Holt added: “When you take it apart and realize that this woman has achieved so many wonderful things, changed a country, and promoted the development of science and education, it is a very strange thing.” She has improved too much.”

The second season of “The Great” is currently playing on Hulu.

‘The diary of a cowardly child’

The scenes in the animated film

It is a family friendly.

Disney+ turns Jeff Kinney’s beloved children’s book series into an animated adventure.

“Little Kid’s Diary” is centered on the seventh grader Greg Huffley (voiced by Brady Noon), a child with rich imagination and aspirations to become famous.

But first he must survive in middle school.

There are many interesting and interesting characters, including Greg’s best friend Raleigh Jefferson (Ethan William Childress), who helps Greg fill his diary.

It is currently playing on Disney+.

Two things to listen to

Issa Ray starred in the fifth season of
One of the coolest things about HBO’s hit “Insecure” is its music-that’s why I’m in Celebrity and creator Issa Rae announced on Instagram The soundtrack for the fifth season dropped on Friday.

So get ready to dance your…care about some music, which may definitely be like a show, only suitable for adults.

Jonathan Van Ness arrived at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey on August 26, 2019 to participate in the 2019 MTV Music Video Awards.

“Queer Eye” star Jonathan Van Ness is curious about many things-aren’t we lucky?

His podcast, “Curious about Jonathan Van Ness“The feature is that experts and fashion leaders discuss topics of interest to him, such as vaccine misinformation and figure skating.

It’s not just that he has a problem. He encouraged the audience to be curious about life.

The podcast is currently being broadcast on multiple platforms including Apple.

One thing to talk about

Rihanna (third from left) was appointed as a national hero at the proclaiming ceremony of Barbados as the Republic and the inauguration of the country's first president in Heroes Square in Bridgetown on November 30.

Rihanna makes Barbados very proud.

This is why her home country has appointed her as an ambassador, Recently, the singer tycoon was awarded the title of “National Hero”.

RiRi gives back to her country and represents them with complete pride.

Good job, madam. Now, it would be great if we could get a new album.

Drink something

Ryan Reynolds attends the premiere of

Speaking of being respected by your people: I try not to put celebrities on the pedestal, but the honest and kind Ryan Reynolds seems to be a lovely person.

Canada thinks so too.

His home country recently awarded the “Deadpool” actor and entrepreneur the Governor’s Performing Arts Award.

Our neighbor in the north also made a very interesting and touching video. In the video, Barenaked Ladies singer Steven Page pays tribute to the star in the form of the song “Canada Loves You Back”.

Reynolds Sharing He watched the tribute footage on verified Instagram, We had to see him laughing and crying.

“I didn’t cry,” Reynolds joked in the title. “This is only maple syrup.”

Ryan Reynolds is all we need in his sense. Oh, Canada.

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