Amy Jackson and his fiancé George Panayutou part ways?

Amy Jackson surprised Hindi audiences and even continued to rule southern films with her charm. She temporarily left the film when she played a more important role in her personal life. In March 2019, she announced that she was expecting her first child with George Panayiotou, and then later in May, she even announced her engagement with George.

A wedding is about to take place, but it is clear that the pandemic has allowed everyone to promote their Normandy landing day. However, two years later, we now notice that Amy Jackson and George Panayto may not be together. Amy Jackson deleted several posts featuring her and George from her Instagram page. The baby announcement post featuring George in 2019 disappeared from her page. Even the post that Amy shared on George’s first Father’s Day occasion is gone. This has aroused people’s attention, making everyone wonder whether this is a sign of their parting ways.


However, it is worth noting that the photos of George and her on the red carpet of the British Academy of Film Awards still exist. Now it seems that the actress is not in the mood to say it, but we believe she will say it when she feels it necessary.

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