Among the major changes, the working week in the UAE is Monday to Friday

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (Associated Press)-The United Arab Emirates said on Tuesday that its official work week will be moved to Monday to Friday. This major change brings the Islamic country with its major financial institutions into line with the Western timetable.

The decision will take effect next month, making this Gulf Arab country with Abu Dhabi and Dubai one of the few places in the Middle East to work in Western time instead of Sunday to Thursday.

The announcement stated that government employees will work half a day on Friday (traditional Muslim holy day) and then rest on Saturday and Sunday.

The government’s transition is likely to see private companies and schools follow suit, as they did in 2006, when the week was changed from Saturday to Wednesday-some Muslim countries such as Iran and Afghanistan were followed closely by Islamic work. week.

The UAE government praised the decision making it “the first country in the world to introduce a national work week shorter than the global five-day work week”-referring to Friday as only half a working day.

The statement added: “The extension of the weekend is part of the UAE government’s efforts to promote work-life balance and improve social well-being.”

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