Amid a record surge in infections, Slovakia proposes a lockdown

Bratislava, Slovakia (Associated Press) – SlovakiaLeaders proposed a nationwide lockdown because hospitals everywhere European Union With a record surge in coronavirus infections, the country is reaching its limits.

Inspired by neighbouring Austria, the Slovak government will discuss at a meeting on Wednesday the imposition of a lockdown on everyone — vaccinated and unvaccinated. Prime Minister Eduard Heger said it was necessary to act “immediately.” His four-party coalition government is considering a two to three week blockade.

“This is an unpopular measure, but it is absolutely inevitable,” President Zuzana Caputova said on Tuesday after a visit to a major medical institution in the Bratislava capital.

Captova said what she saw in Bratislava University Hospital was “tragic and terrible.”

“The experts are very clear,” she said. “It is necessary to restrict the movement of people, we need to blockade… Unfortunately, this is a measure that must affect everyone.”

Slovakia 9,171 new virus cases were reported on Friday, surpassing the 8,342 cases set a few days ago.

on Monday, Slovakia New restrictions have been imposed on people who have not been vaccinated, banning them from entering all non-essential stores and shopping centers. They are also not allowed to participate in any public events or gatherings, and must be tested twice a week before they can go to work.

The number of COVID-19 patients hospitalized on Monday increased by 161 to 3,182, well above the level of 3,000 beds. SlovakiaMinistry of Health. It said that more than 82% of patients were not fully vaccinated.

45.3%, SlovakiaHas one of the lowest vaccination rates in the world I, Well below the average of 65.5% of the 27 member states.

In total, this country with a population of 5.5 million has registered 621,423 cases of the virus, of which 13,985 have died.

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