AMC Announces The Walking Dead TTRPG And Actual Play Series

AMC poster for the final season of The Walking Dead.

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walking dead The show has been around for over a decade, and in that time has grown into a media franchise that almost eclipses the comics The TV series is based on. Beyond Telltale critically acclaimed video game legendsalready have multiple board game, theme park rides, and a novel set in the comic book universe of Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adelaide, and Tony Moore. However, one area the franchise hasn’t ventured into before is tabletop role-playing, but that’s about to change.

Every polygonFree League Publishing in partnership with AMC The Walking Dead Universe RPG, Its Kickstarter will launch in Spring 2023. The award-winning publisher has similarly created TTRPGs for franchises such as blade runner and alien, with its original game dark castle, its sci-fi spinoff Cy_Borgand Coriolis force. Co-founders Tomas Härenstam and Nils Karlén will direct the game. Nils Hintze, Martin Grip and Gustaf Ekelund will serve as lead authors its main artist.

walking dead The game will use the publisher’s zero year system (from Mutants: Year Zero TTRPG), Free League told Polygon that it’s a “perfect fit” for the zombie franchise, especially its Threat Meter system. “It’s a really effective way of managing the presence and threat of nearby walkers,” Free League said. “Mechanically, walkers aren’t treated as individual monsters, but rather as a constant influx of death and fear.”

Along with tabletop games, AMC announces plans to create and distribute Actual Play series. Actual Play lets players tell their own stories using tabletop gaming systems such as dungeons and dragons (Look: play a key role in, dimension 20). Help guide what the final series will beNew Taiwan dollar Entertainers (and the franchise’s chief content officer) Scott M. Gimple. The series will be an original story, and Free League and AMC are hoping some of the show’s cast will show up and roll the dice.

“If the stars align (literally and figuratively), it should be part of the fun to tune in to each episode live and discover which fan-favorite characters, scenes and events might be on the horizon,” Free League said. For a live show, this is certainly an exciting opportunity.”

with the popularity actual playback type has become, and the size of the booming TTRPG industry, it makes sense that AMC would want to enter that market.No doubt it won’t resonate walking dead Fans on the same level as spin-off shows, and even certain video games. But it’s more interesting to see what this means for the larger media franchise landscape, which has been expanding TV shows with things like official reruns and retrospective podcasts.

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