Amazon warns that older Kindles may lose internet connection: Gadgets

Since last year, the company I work for has encountered a similar problem-our device is a Microsoft CE handheld scanner, and its WiFi card was built before the advent of 5Ghz. Last year quality of life patches started to be pushed to residential gateways by ISPs, allowing the gateway to move your device to the best frequency. Well, they obviously think our device supports 5Ghz, but it will temporarily damage the WiFi card when this happens. Most importantly, if users cannot adjust the necessary settings in their gateway or don’t need our help, they will need to connect to a completely different network in an area that is completely outside the range of the home network. But wait! There are more problems: iPhone and Samsung Galaxy series phones cannot be connected because the special characters and password character requirements on iPhone and Galaxy series phones have recently launched a hotspot update, which is changed to 5Ghz by default (the other is not that we change these Place to set the situation). Another obstacle-these scanners only have original Internet Explorer, so they cannot launch HTTPS websites, which means that Walmart is your only chance to get a free public connection because everyone else has updated their visitor authentication for security purposes page.

The older generation may like things that were great 10 or 20 years ago, but unlike others, you can’t choose to continue using things that were once. It is broken. People stop making it. The service stopped supporting it. This is the way of technology. If you can’t adapt, learn and keep going, you will die in the water one day.

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